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//  Origin:  London, UK
//  Genres:  Alternative
//  Years Active:  2014- Present
//  Label:  Bad Colour Records


Three guys bound together by cosmic nonsense.

"Fortunately, 24 year old Stephens' other side is well worth a listen. He's just released the VERT EP - a collage of thoughts about his life of excess, heartbreak, and love, set to a raw rock beat. Herman Stephens, his musician father, is on bass, and producer Tommy D is on drums, samples, guitars, and other flourishes. They took a no nonsense approach in making music that they wanted to make, regardless of what people might think - and people do judge." - Gigwise

"Trying to deconstruct Wildhood to fit one specific genre box is like eating three of those entire gingerbread houses you build of candy, icing, and such at Christmastime: The temptation is there, and you probably could if you were really determined. But doing such would be a terrible idea and ultimately end up ruining your enjoyment of the entire thing." - Atwood Magazine


Management: Felix Howard |

Booking: Primary, Wesley Doogan |

Wildhood - Where Have You Been?
Jordan Stephens

Wildhood - Where Have You Been?

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