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//  Origin:  London, UK
//  Genres:  Alternative/Hip-Hop
//  Years Active:  1992- Present
//  Label:  Bad Colour Records

aL the Native creates rap and poetry infused music that shows little regard for Hip-Hop's ever prominent material obssession. He's a sunflower loving hippie who speaks mostly of love, gender equality and questions what he believes to be cultural elephants in the room. The name itself plays on the word "alternative", and aL believes that, whilst cultural traditions and unity are essential, it's important to look at other ways of approaching things. Pop stardom, drug abuse and the manic depressive state of London have all contributed to the development of aL the Native, whose known to some by his birth name, Jordan Stephens. Also releasing music as part of the band Wildhood, who have over a million plays on Spotify, it's safe to say that Jordan just wants to keep making music in whatever form pleases.


Management: Felix Howard |

Booking: Primary, Wesley Doogan |

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