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Bad Colour is a burgeoning collective and movement comprising of forward-thinkers, artists, musicians and creatives. Our goal is to develop an environment and culture of critical thought, through the power of film, song, poetry, events and curation. We want to collaborate and collide with questioning souls from all walks of life.


We believe in the empowerment of critical thought. We see the value in an alternative lens. The creative arts should inspire and encourage progressive ideas. Too often in life we are dictated to. The scope of our creative ability and what our society is capable of is limited for us.

But why? Never stop asking why?

If you want to look at things differently, skew the angle of your horizons, and help reteach the lessons taught by the misguided, then Bad Colour is the school of thought for you.

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Why do some of the worlds largest manufacturers prop up their business models on the mortality and continued silence of human beings?

Does your film or short stray away from 'The Male Gaze'? Do the movies you watch measure up to the 'Bechdel test'? Why don't you even know these are a problem?

Why don't Adidas and Puma put doctors and scientists in their sneaker ads? Real heroes don't need sturdy footwear?


Why do supermarkets still insist on pushing their christmas wares on mothers?


Why do we want our rappers to be scary, violent-types and our pop starlets to be timid and semi-nude at all times?

Why aren't more people of colour encouraged into traditional arts? Does that shade of mahogany not match the palette we've been dipping our brush in so far?

Are you asking the right questions?

Can we figure this out together?

Is it a bad colour? Or is it just a fresh lick of paint on a stale, stubborn canvas? 


We live in a world where equality is a political stance.


We're not going to tell you that's ridiculous, we're going to show you. 


Engage and collaborate with progressive artists and creatives across the world. If you're work is honest or thought-provoking, our school is open to you.
Work with brands and communities as an active force for the promotion of content and ideas that stray from the norm.
To sew seeds of interest, intrigue and wonder, that they might propagate a generation of curious, discerning and critical thinkers.
Curate and catalogue the unexpected, illuminating and daring. With an eye for becoming an ever-updating source for the grimy, the wondrous and the rare colours humanity can display. 


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